In the ever-growing fashion industry alongside global warming, the resposibilty of each and every brand is grave for our world’s health and prosperity. Therefore, our brand has a ZERO PLASTIC policy. Our pursuit of sustainability starts with our decision to work only with natural fabrics, like different kinds of woven silk and silk blends, modal, wool, and cashmere.


ANATH Silk Fashion was founded in 2019 by graphic designer and illustrator Anat Neri. Her great passion for tribal art, exotic fabrics, and bold colors inspired her to create timeless and vibrant fashion accessories. Her collection comes to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of the past and to transform them into feminine and luxurious accessories for every woman. Each of Anat’s unique designs is created in her studio in Germany and carefully matched with the finest fabrics to reach optimal printing results. For a seamless finish, all our silk scarves are hand-rolled or hand fringed.

Her initial passion for the field began as a child, in her mother’s silk-screen printing factory, where her affinity for color, fabrics, and printing began. The biggest influence on her style came from the ethnic and tribal tapestries that her mother used to bring from her travels around the world. She passed on to Anat her love for fabrics, as well as a collection of design books. Today, thanks to those inspirations, Anat designs bold fashion accessories inspired by the ancient and tribal worlds that draw her alongside contemporary modern elements.